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Precision in Every Pour

We at Gramton are committed to pioneering industrial advancements in a sustainable way. As our guiding principles, we embrace ownership, relationships, customer satisfaction, and integrity. Beyond conducting business as normal for myriad industries, we are at the forefront of encouraging local talent to establish a customer-driven service network across Maharashtra and India with the goal of becoming a global leader in the provision of cutting-edge products, services and concepts.

About Gramton,
Gramton melted iron liquid

Gramton's Advanced Weighing Solutions

Gramton leads by example in continual innovation, using state-of-the-art tools and cutting-edge technology to conceive products and ideas that are in step current trends or even measurably  ahead of them in situations.

Our Products

We Build Everything

For Logistics , Transport & Courier

Dimensional Weighing System

  • Ultra-fast accurate Dimensioning & weighing within 1 second.

  • Measurement of regular and irregular shape Box/objects.

  • API integration with all WMS /ERP/Shipping applications.

  • Data Recording Facility.

For Foundry, Forging & Steel

Gramton Heatproof Crane Scale (GHP)

  • Specially Designed for 1800°c Temp

  • 200hr Long Battery Backup

  • 150% Overload safety 

  • Reports in Excel and PDF

For Rubber, Food & Pharma

Batching Expert

  • High Accuracy – ingredient weighment 

  • 1 Lac Data Recording 

  • Connecting multiple weighing scale  

  • integration with SAP/ERP

For Manufacturing


  • Capacity: 10-ton to 100-ton and available in different sizes

  • Weighbridge available in Pit and Pitiless Structure

  • Advanced Indicator with 1 Lac data recording 

  • SMS & Email facility with GSM Module