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Updated: May 3

Shopper’s Stop Limited, located in Mumbai, had some concerns regarding their dimensional measurement process. Specifically, they wanted to reduce material loss resulting from human error in measurement and decrease their dependence on manpower. To address these issues, Gramton proposed their Dimensional Weighing System (DWS) as a solution.

The DWS is an automatic measuring system that provides precise measurements for objects, including irregularly shaped items, thus eliminating the possibility of human error in measurement. This ensured high measurement accuracy of the consignment, reducing the risk of revenue loss. Additionally, the DWS is a mini-computer that can store data up to 1 lakh transactions in Excel/PDF format, eliminating the need for a dedicated computer for these activities. The software is user-friendly, requiring only one person to operate, which saves on manpower costs.

The client was delighted with the product as it met all their requirements, providing a perfect fit for their needs.


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